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During the early days of World WarII she was evacuated to the rural village of Tiverton, where she spent time on a farm as a land girl. As she grew older, she became an ARP Warden, where she met her husband who saved her from a bomb in an air raid. When Mrs Slocombe grew older, she became an ambulance driver and was nearly killed by a land mine explosion on Clapham Common. She described the experience several times, saying: "I remember being thrown flat on my back in Clapham Common during an air raid... the German Airforce was responsible." Mrs Slocombe also revealed her husband, Cecil G. Slocombe, had walked out on her one morning (to buy slightly salted butter at Sainsbury's) and ended up a successful land developer. Mrs Slocombe worked in Derry & Thoms, before moving to Grace Brothers where she became Head of the Ladies Dept. The store owner Young Mr. Grace said the promotion came because she "was the right age, very keen, and ready for it." Mrs. Slocombe also tries to sound posh and refined, but when exasperated or annoyed, she reveals more than a trace of a Northern accent. Mrs. Slocombe's catch phrases were "...and I am unanimous in that..." and "Weak as water!" Mrs Slocombe often utters malapropisms when confronted with long words, rendering, for example, "obstreperous" as "obstropulous" and "organism" as "orgasm" and "centimeters" as "centipedes." In later life Mrs Slocombe was reunited with Maurice Moulterd, an 'old acquantance' now the groundskeeper for Millstone Manor. Mrs Slocombe claims that it was a brief aquaintance, and that the reason she was known as the Tiverton Bicycle was because she had a three- wheeler. Like the other staff members, she moves into the manor with her cat Tiddles, revealed to be a grey Persian. In the absence of any staff at the Manor, she is forced to muck in as a waitress and a chambermaid. She also encountered her errant ex-husband Cecil G Slocombe, who is now the chairman of a lesiure company and wanted to buy the Manor. Mrs Slocombe went to great lengths to avoid him, even posing as Mrs Moulterd to avoid him.
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