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Favour/Are You Being Served Again. Later she went to London and took part in both Air Raid Precaution and driving an ambulance. During an air raid, she met her husband, Cecil G. Slocombe and after the war, they went to live in Sainsburys, an area noted for its slightly salted butter. Her marriage proved to be less than ideal as Cecil was often unemployed, and once was arrested for fraud. Eventually he left for good, possibly with the wife of the man next door and Mrs Slocombe would not see or hear of him for over forty years. But this did not put her off men as at one point she lived with a brush salesman, and also had numerous encounters in pubs. However the true love of her life was always her cats, who she referred to as her "pussy". The cat of the time always seemed to be named Tiddles. Mrs Slocombe worked in several shops, including Derry & Thoms, before coming to Grace Brothers. Sometime after age 30, she was finally allowed to wear frills on her blouse, she became Head of the Ladies Dept. The reason given by Young Mr Grace was that she "was the right age, very keen, and ready for it." Mrs Slocombe's eventful social life continued throughout the series. She often related tales of her misadventures with her unseen best friend Mrs Axleby. She was reputed to have had encounters with several staff members, including Captain Peacock. However none of them seemed to go anywhere, in fact, many were just in her mind. Three times she almost walked down the aisle, or thought she was. Mrs Slocombe jumped to conclusions when Young Mr Grace asked her to his office for tea and to discuss a ring. Another time Mrs Slocombe was actually engaged to a Greek man named Mr Mataxis. All the arrangments were made, and a remote American uncle named Wendel P. Clark,who had a fondness for Greeks was going to pay for the wedding, and was going to give Mrs Slocombe a house as a gift. But on the morning of the wedding, Mr Mataxis went back to Greece because a family member was opposed to the wedding. That family member was his wife. The rest of the staff came to her rescue when they staged what has been refered to as a Big, Fake Greek Wedding, with Mr Humphries impersonating Mr Mataxis. Several times Mrs Slocombe tried to entice Mr Humphries into a relationship, and once even marriage, when she mistook an expression of sympathy over the loss of her cat for a marriage proposal. Only the recovery of Tiddles with kittens prevented the wedding. Mrs Slocombe tries to put up a front of a refined existence, but the reality is much different. Her grammer leaves much to be desired. When stating her opinion she declares that she is "unanimous in that" which was just one of the phrases she became well known for. She says that metric measurments are centipedes and she did have a talent for voices, being able to do a credible impersination of a little girl, even if she didn't exactly look the part. In the days of Grace and Favour/Are You Being Served Again she was reunited with Maurice Moulterd, now the groundskeeper for Millstone Manor. Mrs Slocombe has quite different memories of their relationship than Mr Moulterd. Mrs Slocombe claims that it was a brief aquaintanceship, and that the reason she was known as the Tiverton Bicycle was because she had a three-wheeler. Like the other staff members, she moves into the manor with her cat Tiddles, revealed to be a grey Persian. In the absence of any staff, she is forced to muck in as a waitress and a chambermaid. She also encountered her errant ex-husband Cecil G Slocombe, who is now the chairman of a lesiure company, and wanted to buy the Manor. Mrs Slocombe went to great lengths to avoid him, even posing as Mrs Moulterd to avoid him.
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Mrs. Betty Mary Elizabeth Jennifer Rachel Avergaveny Yiddle Slocombe was Senior of the Ladies' Department for the entire series of "Are You Being Served?". Mrs. Slocombe is one of the most popular characters of the show and is a colorful woman - literally. On any given day her hair could be any color of the spectrum. Mrs Slocombe also had a very eventful life which all began when she was born in the Great British seaside town of Blackpool. During the early days of World War 2 she was evacuated to the rural village of Tiverton, where she spent her time as a Land Girl. There she became involved with a young rat catcher named Maurice Moulterd. This relationship would come back to haunt Mrs Slocombe years later in the sequel series Grace and