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'Mrs Slocombes Pussie's' were out in force on the 14th October 2009 at an annual Bob Champion Cancer Trust Quiz Night held at the London Rowing Club. Gabriel and her team mates "Mrs Slocombe's Pussie's' also Mollie Sugden fans and self confessed cat lovers donned black furry pussy ears and proudly decorated the table with Mrs Slocombe framed pictures. The evening raised about £1600 for the Bob Champion Cancer Trust and leaving 'Mrs Slocombe's Pussie's' in a respectable 4th place, which was an improvement on last years result. But no doubt a night filled with fun, laughter, double entendre and the odd pussy joke thrown in for good measure. Mrs Slocombe would of been proud - well done ladies and not forgetting Nick in those rather fetching ears!
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well known actor in his own right William Moore. This is Joyce's story of when she met Mollie & William. Mollie was a really lovely lady, homely and welcoming. I was fortunate to visit Mollie and Bill for tea; Bill was also a well-known actor here. We were greeted so warmly, and being a hot summer day had a walk around the beautiful gardens, and then to the lovely house for tea. This being the English tea, as it was before the modern trend, which was cucumber sandwiches, scones with jam and fresh cream, and an assortment of cakes, set out on a table with a beautiful hand made lace table cloth and really delicate china, all the baking Mollie had done herself and it was delicious. We spent the time talking of their early days in show business and of the there twin sons and families of which they were so proud of, it was so enjoyable. Next day I wrote a letter of thanks to them, and remarked on one of the cakes, which was a new one to me, and I was delighted that Mollie wrote back, enclosing in her own handwriting the recipe, in her busy life she found the time to do that. Both Mollie and Bill were charming, and I remember them fondly. Mollie and Bill together RIP.
Joyce Powell was lucky enough to have afternoon Tea with our very own Queen of Comedy along with Mollie's husband,
Story Originated from AYBS?
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For almost thirty years, Mollie Sugden brought smiles and outright laughter to not only the North Texas area, but to the world, as Mrs. Slocombe on Are You Being Served. One cant help but smile when the theme to AYBS plays and you sit there wondering just what color her hair will be in this episode. Personally, I cant think of Mollie, especially at holiday time, without thinking of a time almost ten years ago when we had the extreme good fortune to be able to create a documentary for PBS called Celebrating Mollie Sugden: An Are You Being Served Special. We spent a week with Mollie at her home in England during the celebration of her 80th birthday. In addition to being the warmest, most genuine, individual, Mollie never ceased in her desire to make us all feel a part of her extended family. Not only was she a genuinely caring person, Mollie loved to cook. So, its only fitting in our quest for the ultimate holiday menu that we include Mollies recipe for Trifle. I will always remember the time Mollie made this for our visit and we stood in her kitchen for several helpings along with John Inman and Wendy Richard. It was incredible! We were all unanimous in that. Although Mollie, Wendy and John are, sadly, no longer with us, we will never forget the smiles and the laughter you have given us over the years and will continue to give us for years to come. Thank you.
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Story Originated from Telly Spotting
by Bill Young
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Three weeks before rehearsals started, (Gerry Marsden and Jimmy Jewel were both busy working elsewhere), Mollie and I met for the promotional photographs for the Pantomime. We hit it off from the start, and so in the next few weeks we met again for rehearsals. I have never laughed so much in my life. During the performances, of which Saturdays and Wednesdays there were three, we would pass each other between scenes, joking, Mollie always smiling. There was a bug going around as is usual at that time of the year, but even when it hit Mollie, ever the professional, she carried on every night, when others may have given in. She always had time for her fans, of which there were many each night waiting for her autograph. Some times, with it being Christmas and New Year, we would meet in each others dressing rooms socially between performances, for a drink and a wind down chat. During the Pantomime whenever Mollie and William brought their twins Robin and Simon to the show, my husband Robert, (he was my fiancé then) would sometimes take them into the circle so they could see their mother on stage. When the run ended we all moved on to other programs and tours. About nine years later, I was visiting London with Robert and our son Jeremy in his pram, we were in Harrods. I saw Mollie and her husband William. I was reluctant to say hello as I didnt think she would remember me. I plucked up the courage to speak, and she gave me a big hug and kiss and immediately asked how Robert was! She had remembered us after all, and I was very pleased I had made her acquaintance again. She was like an aunty you always wanted to visit, full of fun and such a gentle easy going lady, and she is greatly missed.
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By Singer & Actress Kathy Jones
We first met in November 1976 at the Liverpool Empire, we were in Pantomime together, Jack and the Beanstalk. Even though we had both been in Coronation Street, our paths had never crossed before now.
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Singer & Actress Kathy Jones Website
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