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One of a select bunch of British performers to achieve national treasure status, Mollie was renowned for her portrayal of fearsome battleaxes. The first of such roles to achieve acclaim was as Mrs Hutchinson in The Liver Birds, a series so popular it was revived in the late 90s using the original cast. Mollie was the star of many other comedies, including Come Back Mrs Noah, That's My Boy and My Husband And I, which she made with her real life husband and actor William Moore. But it was as the bossy sales lady Betty Slocombe in Are You Being Served? that Mollie was best known. The long- running, innuendo-laden television comedy was such a hit that a feature film was made based on the series, and it was successfully exported to America. Every episode Mollie sported a different hair colour and continually harped on about her "pussy".
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Mollie's favourite past times were Cooking & Gardening. "When we filmed BBC sitcom 'Are You Being Served?' I took loads of goodies to the studios - Cheesecake, for example. That's how I came to attain a bit of a reputation for baking."
Mollie not only had her TV fans, she also had fans who were lucky enough to sample her home baked delights. So much so Mollie was generous enough to share her recipes of which we are able to share with you.
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